Then Versus Than

Let’s go over something really quick that the majority of you non-cud chewing mammals can’t seem to grasp. Yes, yes, usually only hippos and capybaras are into cud, but I find it quite delectable.

The issue: Then versus Than.

The final faceoff. The battle royal. The war to end all wars.

Then is used as a time marker to note the sequence of events.

I saw a fox approaching over the hillside, and then began to chatter to alert my family.

First, my mom scrubs my fur with the finest of shampoos for sensitive llamas, and then she sings me a song about bunnies before bed.

I love watching the sunrise, but then I like to go back to bed and dream about pygmy ponies.

Than is used to compare statements.

I like nomming on eggplants more than I like nomming on grandma’s sponge rollers.

She looks more like Little Richard than Little Richard!

Donald’s mother-in-law drinks more malt liquor than all of Detroit.

Get it? Got it? Good.

All for now,



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