Thank you. It’s that simple.

What’s with you fools adding hyphens to “thank you” these days? My tuft is coming undone just thinking about this error and its commonality. I see it on a daily basis, and each time, it makes me shudder like the time I saw my grandma llama after a Christmas shave. I’ll make this one quick because there’s really nothing to it.

Thank you. There. See? No hyphen, nope, none of that “thank-you” business.

Now, if you’re adding a modifier after “you”, then you may add a hyphen.

Example time!

Leviticus sent Laverne a thank-you note along with a picture of his uncle tipsy on Boonesfarm.

I cannot thank you enough for handing me that extra roll of toilet paper under the stall door!

Thank you for wiping that child’s face clean of soot. 

Robellio’s thank-you card showed up two weeks late and splattered with cud. 

Must I explain more? If so, just ask. I don’t mind. So, please, if you want to thank an ewe, just say THANK EWE! (No hyphen needed unless you’ve got a modifying word after ward.)


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