About the Llama

In the beginning…
It was the year of the snake, 1989, when Bumbly gave me a used and mutilated copy of Garner’s Modern American Usage. It was copy edited with notations and commentary ridden alongside the margins complete with LOLs and OMGs. Although I loved and appreciated all things language-related prior to this, Garner’s clear, concise, and often hilarious depiction of the English language stirred a great big bowl of alphabet soup within.
Yet, despite my obsessive mind’s love for precision, I must also mention that I am a huge fan of the way lovely people such as E. E. Cummings and Emily Dickinson use punctuation in a poetic and artistic sense. But for the sake of consistency in the non-artistic realm, the Linguist Llama is here to help and hopefully not hinder.
So, should you have any concerns or comments regarding grammar rules and regulations — I have enough questions of my own concerning life, llama feed, VOCs, and Basil the Bulgar Slayer to keep me occupied for a decade, thank you very much — please leave a comment. The simplest inquiries are always welcome. I do not judge…unless you smell like tilapia.
You may also e-mail me with inquiries at linguistllama@gmail.com if that’s more of your forte.
Cookies and tea are in the lobby.


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