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Separate Each Separate Llama by Color

I was tippy-tap-typing today at ye ol’ llama farm today when I emailed to a fellow cohort, “I need to separate those separate issues.” Yes, this is a dopey sentence, but I kept rolling around theĀ annunciationĀ of that same word with the same spelling and different pronunciations in my head. What is that called when a word has the same spelling but different pronunciations? It’s a gosh darn heteronym.

What’s a heteronym? I reference my friends at fun-with-words.com when I tell you that, it’s…”words that have the same spelling (homographs) but different pronunciation (heterophones) and also different meanings”.

So, there ewe go. It’s been way, way, way too long since we’ve talked about words and those little symbols that go around and atop and under and aside them. Let’s do this more often.


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